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Annual Report

The    Reality    Public School: Kokrajhar

               The Reality Public   School, Kokrajhar has completed its eleven year journey with its motto of “real learning from the real world”. Since its inception, it has carved a niche in the vicinity of Kokrajhar as well as in the state of Assam. Beautiful scenery, sprawling campus, the state of the art infrastructure and dedicated staff along with passionate management have become the centre of attraction for the school.

          Starting with a strength of 18 students in the year 2012, the school has enrolled 900 students as of now. Each year pressure for admission has been augmenting as the school has proved its social responsibility of making future citizen with full enthusiasm.

        The Reality Public School has produced hundred percent qualitative result in CBSE Class X Board Exam from 2017, with its starting batch. Each and every year the trend of result is in upward direction. The first batch of Class XII Board examinees appeared in 2020 and performed as expected with a 100% pass percentage

             The school is provided with a good laboratory facility, especially to equip the science section of the senior secondary classes, digital smart classrooms, and world class sports facilities. 50% of the students are staying in hostels where best civic facilities are provided in terms of food, accommodation and recreation under the guidance of trained faculties and wardens.

The various achievements of the school can be illustrated under the following heads:
Celebration  of the  foundation Day: To usher the season of spring, the school usually celebrates   the Annual Day Function   to commemorate the Foundation Day of the school in the month of April or May. This year, Annual Day cum Foundation Day was celebrated on 13TH April 2023. Various cultural programmes were performed by the students of the school. Prizes won by  the students throughout the last academic year  of 2022 on various fronts like  sports, debate, elocution, dance,  music, academics  etc were  distributed  by the  distinguished  Guest of  Honour, on behalf of the school.

Efforts made on Environmental Education:   As usual World Environment Day was celebrated on 5th June and plant saplings were planted by each student   in the school premises. About 300 trees had already been planted in the school premises till now.  Various programmes were held on cleaning of the school campus by the students, keeping in mind the ideology of “Swach Bharat”

Sports Achievements:   Various sports events took place throughout the last scholastic year. Last year Sports Day was celebrated   on 30th and 31st December with great pomp and splendor.  It started with March past, performed  by the senior students of the school, saluting the Guest of  Honour, followed by  a few cultural  programmes  and different  types of  sports  events  like 100 metre race , 200 metre race, long jump, short jump etc . In fact , to  encourage  yoga and meditation among the students and faculties Yoga Day was celebrated  on  21st June  2023 with a beautiful display of  Martial  Art and  Yoga  demonstration  of all the students  along with  the Principal, guest  , faculty members and  management  member too.

Innovations: Both in  Science and  Mathematics the  students of TPRS  had  shown  their innovative skill  and  ingenuity  and won  laurels  in various competitions inside and outside the school.  For instance, two students from class XII won 2nd Prize in CIT, Kokrajhar   Science Exhibition.  To hone the scientific temperament of the students of TPRS, last year also Science Exhibition was held in the 17th November with the display of science models of students of classes 1 to XII.  Models were displayed by kinder garden students too under the supervision of respective teachers.

 Students had also shown their keen knowledge and interest in Mathematics during Maths Week and Maths Speed Test.

Infusion of Patriotism and the spirit of leadership among the students: Like every year  the last  academic session also celebrated  the Independence Day  and Republic Day .Senior  students were sent for  parade  in the field  outside the  school .Inside the school premises  a short programme was conducted ,comprising of patriotic songs ,dance  drama, skit based on the stories of freedom struggle etc.

To boost the spirit of the students of TPRS, the girl’s section won the 3rd Prize in parade on Republic Day this year.

Overall academic achievements:  Last but not the least of the greatest achievements of the school is that with the first batch appearing on 2017 for Class X Board Exam the school achieved around 100 % result. In 2019 Board Exam , around  10 students  among  34  of class X 2018-19 batch  scored 90%  and above. With excellent results since the first batch, the students of the batch 2022-23 have also shown excellent result with a 100% pass percentage in both class X and class XII. The highest percentage from our school in class X for this batch is 94% and the highest percentage from class XII is 97%. The school is also proud that 7 of our students have been able to qualify JEE Mains and thus qualifying to get admission into various engineering institutes. Other classes have also showed consistent good academic performance.

PTM (Parents Teacher Meeting): Last year in the month of April, the first PTM was held with an open session wherein parents were given an opportunity to discuss their grievances. Apart from that, after every assessment there is a PTM, conducted by the respective class teachers where parents get the opportunity to discuss and consult one-on-one with the teachers regarding the child's studies.

Role of School Management: The school is fortunate enough to possess a very cooperative management which took important decisions and provided  incentives for  the overall betterment of the school.

              Therefore, TPRS is the most upcoming school in Assam with blooming students, high tech infrastructure, digital classes, highly trained faculties with innovative laboratory facilities and spacious area for overall development of children.