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Our Education Consultants

Founded in 2009, INSPIRE works with the vision to bring about a change in the field of education by providing efficient curriculum, training and school set-up solutions. 

INSPIRE has collaborated with various organizations including Companies from the Corporate Sector, NGO’s, International Business, Governments and Educational and Training Institutes.Through their work, Inspire has brought about a change in how children learn in different geographies across social-economic spectrum of our societies.
Radhika Suri and Sameera Sood form the executive team of Inspire.

An expert and versatile educator, Radhika has a vast teaching experience in leading schools across the country. She has spearheaded the setting up of successful Pre-School and School chains. Her expertise lies in creating effective schools that provide good education within the parameters of business viability.

She believes in the power of stories and has written various story books for children. Radhika has made a difference in the lives of many through her interesting and reflective teacher training and parenting workshops.

In her journey with various reputed schools across the globe, Sameera has touched the lives of many children through her innovative and reflective pedagogy. A master’s degree holder in child development and an expert in IB as well as National Curriculum, she has been the thinking mind behind various age-appropriate and interesting content development projects and teacher training sessions. Author of some engaging children’s books, she has convincingly taken the world around her into the land of stories.