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Curriculum Methodology

Reality Public School will be following the CBSE curriculum guidelines across grades.

It will also provide the students with adequate options to make relevant choices in co-curricular activities in the primary and upper primary stages. The secondary level children will have the option of choosing their stream and subjects of their interest.

Reality Public has a panel of qualified, experienced and talented faculty chosen after a stringent screening process from local applicants as well as from applicants across the country.

The teaching methodology is that of Guided Cognition where our expert mentor team facilitates students to grasp facts and helps them relate the knowledge in real-life scenarios and to apply it in various activities. 

The stress is also for students to gain Life skills and Communication skills that equip them for their future lives.

The students interface with Nature all the time and gradually understand the role and impact of Nature in their lives.

Students are exposed to the latest in Science and Technology to make them aware of all the developments happening around the world.