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Message from The Principal

“Knowledge nourishes mind with good thought” 

Principal of Reality Public SchoolLet me first express my gratitude to parents who have been instrumental, potential in propelling the school’s journey towards 6th years with ease and convenience. Without their incessant assistance the dream of yielding scholars and lifelong learners would have never been successful. Being the Principal of The Reality Public School, chandamari, kokrajhar, BTC – Assam, it is really appeasing to discern that the journey which we had commenced in 2012 with a handful of students has now cracked into its 6th years with an aspiration of architecting the lives with progress and learning by creating milestones in different pinion of education. All these years have the enigma of emotions where on some occasions we got marked by separation of first batch of secondary level in 2016 and on some opportunities we felt pride of our learner when the clenched accolades and fame in the academic and non – academic ground. Our school, catalyzing education has been growing in leaps and bounds and conscientiously nurturing the lives of learners with the sense of success for right purpose.
Last 5 years have been the epoch of transforming lives with the invincible might of education. The school feels conspicuously fortunate to have initiated a new era in the ethers of education by establishing a system where learner are nourished individually with the sense of learning and progressing. In order to do so the school time and again organizes certain programmes which provide our learners with apt platform to learn and flourish. These academic and non – academic events are nothing but marionettes whose executing strings are in the hands of juveniles who shape them charismatic and hypnotizing with their tooth and nail. I personally feel that education has mammoth loftiness in modern times where a man perceives a lot of intricacies of life – scientific and social as well. In such world of abstruseness, educations strung with the beads of ethical values enlighten the learners to make decisions and accept fact on the anvil of reason. With the resolution of thawing one more year of sapping lives with the opulence of knowledge and making the arena fecund for yielding world class citizen, we are here in the 6th years swaggering in quid pro quo with parents and students as well.
Wishing you all the Best
Dr. P.K. Sutradhar
The Reality Public School